Student Designed Assessments in the Age of AI?

Article Summary: Using Generative AI and Student-Designed Assessments to Bridge the Gap Between Student and Instructor Expectations of Learning by Avaneesh Narla

The article discusses the disconnect between student and instructor expectations in the learning process and explores how Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) such as Chat GPT can help bridge this gap. The author suggests that GenAI can transform assignment design by allowing students to create assignments based on their interests and needs, while incorporating instructor input and feedback. This personalized approach could possibly enhance student engagement and relevance while maintaining academic integrity. 

The article also provides examples of how GenAI can be used to redesign assignments, such as guided problem-solving, collaborative learning, personalized feedback, and AI-assisted creativity. It emphasizes the importance of fostering trust and building relationships to promote intrinsic motivation among students. The limitations of GenAI, such as biases, are also discussed. The author concludes that while there are limitations, GenAI holds promise in bridging the gap between student and instructor expectations by empowering students and enhancing their learning experience.

Reflection Question: Do you like the idea of having students design their own assessments? Is this a practice you will use in your classes? Why or why not?


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