My name is Dr. ID Pendleton. I am a professor at a community college. For the past 10 years, I have been teaching online classes. The landscape of teaching online classes has changed tremendously over the years. As an online professor, I am fascinated by the new AI writing generators that exist today. These tools are capable of doing so much. They can respond to many of the writing prompts we typically use to assess and teach students in our classroom settings. This new technology creates challenges and opportunities when it comes to teaching and learning in online settings. 

I created this site to provide educators with information about teaching online. This site will discuss a variety of topics related to teaching online. There will be a major emphasis on AI writing generators since that is the hot topic of the day. 

I am here to offer creative solutions for educators as we travel along this new path of teaching and assessing students in the age of this new technology. As the information related to this technology rapidly changes, I will do my best to keep you informed on what you can do to continue to provide high-quality learning experiences as an online educator. 


Dr. ID Pendleton 


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